Distill-Tech Canna Honey​​​​​​​ 100ml - 500mg


Rosin-Tech Sativa Dominant Canna Honey is a premium Cannabis infused honey. It’s made of two simple ingredients. Each delicious serving of organic, Grade A Honey is thoughtfully balanced with Cannabis extracted using proven methods, ensuring consistency. Every bottle contains all the benefits of THC and CBD coupled with the soothing, healing and antibiotic properties of natural honey


About Canna Honey


  • Sativa THC to stimulate, relax, and enhances your senses psychoactively. Consider it the ‘treat yo self’ part of your day. Allow the mind and body to center and enjoy a moment to yourself or be a hit at your next social gathering by sharing with friends! Profile: Earthy, herbal, rich, amber hues


Suggested Use

Use daily as a natural, antioxidant-packed addition in your tea, coffee, muesli, baking, cocktails or anything else to add a little extra lift in your day

Rosin-Tech Canna Honey​​​​​​​ 100ml

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